Modern Myths

by Calumet

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Guitars, bass and drums tracked live at Curtis, Inc. on May 7-8, 2016

Vocals and overdubs were tracked at The Martini Church


released November 11, 2016

Calumet is:

Jacob Tippey- Vocals, Guitar, Organ Machine
Stephen Kuffner- Guitar, Vocals
Paul Schroder: Bass, Vocals
Aaron Cordell: Drums, Vocals, Percussion

Soloist on Erosion is Krystal Peterson

Choir on Erosion and Faded Glory is: Krystal Peterson, Kristen Carpenter, and Alyssa Ryan.

Strings on Faded Glory are Eddy Kwon and Josh Fink, Arranged by Stephen Patota.

All tracking by Jacob Tippey

Mixed by Eric Cronstein

Mastered By Mike Montgomery at Candyland Studios

Cover Art by Paul Schroder



all rights reserved


Calumet Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Rough & Ready
She says you look a mess
I know that she’s right and its dangerous
I’m a ghost when I want to be, or I can keep it steady
I must walk this line between Rough & Ready

She steps out of her dress
Want in her eyes, and though I must confess
I’m a lot like you, with my feelings showing
But there are things in life better left unknowing

The thing is that I’ve been ready to go
But I’m leaving like the last drunk on the road
And saying bye ain’t letting you go
It’s the only way I know to get back home
Track Name: This Is Wrong
Well this is wrong
But we want it so bad to be right
That we deny
And where we belong
Is it so bad that we lie?

Have we been waiting for so long
Just to watch our lives get on?
I’ve been thinking that I should be long gone
Track Name: Waited A Long Time
I’ve seen maps of all the places we can go
With all the traps along the road
So many paths left to follow
Just so, when you ask me how I know
When I tell you that I love you, why I don’t
Think I’m missing anything

And when I think of all the traits I’ve yet to show
With all the wilds I’ve yet to roam
So many miles left to travel
Before I can tell you that I’m sure
And when they ask me how I got this way
I’ll tell them that I waited a long time
Track Name: Fated Son
I’ve come to believe it gets easier
The more I realize I’m a fated son
But what I have to decide on my own
Is on which side I belong

I must be out of my mind
or maybe born in the wrong time
because I was the one who got left behind
like the radio and state lines


I think of your god in Gethsemane
If I knelt down beside, would he confide in me?
I think I’d find hope in his misery
And when time to die with dignity
I think he’d say (chorus)
Track Name: Barnburner
Should have heard her
Running through the fields
And screaming

Bloody murder
Flames bend
As thought yields
To feeling

Past earner
I preferred her
Rational of thought
But she’s a

Fast learner
Made out with
Nothing that she got

Oh it’s a long way from the sunrise that you hoped
Would light the way through your fears
And now you’ve gone

Set fire to everything you’ve known
And you let it go
Track Name: Idaho
You will say that I’m a liar
You will say that I’m afraid
I will give you my desire
You will walk away

And with all that is required
Just to make it through the day
I have set my heart on fire
For that soothing blaze

So when you hear me on the wire
And my passionate display
Hope it weakens your Ire
Hope it dulls your rage

When you go
I don’t know
Where I belong
So I will stay
In the sad, lonesome state
Of Idaho

Yes I remain
In the sad, lonesome state
Of Idaho
Track Name: Indian Summer
You saw me walking like a ghost
Up that eastern coastline straight to you

I was feeling kind of lost
A rebel without a cause
And I guess that’s why I fell into

The kind of escape
That can only be made
In an Indian summer

In a nowhere place
With the furthest of lovers

Yeah I was sinking like a stone
Cold, dark and so alone
You were the kind of light
I looked up to

Now in knowing that you’re gone
I can get to moving on
From this darkened lake I stare through
Race the sunrise

Get away from mistakes
That can only be made
In an Indian summer

In a nowhere place
With the furthest of lovers
Who’ve wasted their hopes on you
What am I to do?

I can still see your face
Feel your warm embrace

But times they have changed
Lovers estranged
Unknowable pain
Of heartbreak and shame

But now that these truths are told
That’s the end of this broken road
Track Name: Straight To The Bottom
I won’t go, no I won’t go
Straight to the bottom
Of the Ohio
No I won’t go
Straight to the bottom for you
Straight to the bottle for you
Straight to the bottom

I’m afraid it doesn’t matter what you think
It only matters how you play
The most ridiculous of games

In which you give yourself away
To those who pander and they prey
And don’t you know they’d have their way
If you were sinking to your grave?


Because I know I’m all alone
You’ll find there’s no waiting in line
For tickets to my suicide show
I hear they’re looking for those

Track Name: Erosion
Big River flowing
Love it never stops going
But this erosion never leaves
Without you knowing
Love it never stops growing
With you in my heart I am free
Track Name: Faded Glory
I want to be the strand
That guides you through the noise
The modern world began
From which we still enjoy
Freedom from consequence
Without our hearts employed
You follow rope in hand
Another broken boy

Who’s going to be a man
Unlike the ones you knew
He’ll never understand
What they put you through
When you’d dream of wonderland
Far from fear and sorrow
Where only light expands
Before this darkness swallowed
So here we are again
As if we had a choice
Our churches turn to sand
I lead with shaking voice
Devoid of confidence
With former selves destroyed
But you hold in glowing hand
The king of modern toys

I found a flame at last
That’s burning the same hue
And though a distance vast
It almost seems see-through
Just like that looking glass
From your favorite story
And though that moment’s past
Here’s its faded glory